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Luxury Offices Project

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Description - Status

The project is purpose built high quality offices and it is comprised of 3 basements, ground floor, mezzanine, archive floor and 10 office floors. 

It is located in the on Limassol Avenue right in the middle of Nicosia New Business District where Eurolife, ΔΕΦΑ and CTO (Cyprus Tourism Organization) are Located with extremely good access to and from the City of Nicosia.

The 10-storey office building has been designed with the very latest in Technology, Environmental Design, Security, Safety and Efficiency

It has been designed to accomodate a single or multiple tenants and can be further adjusted according to the clients needs.

STATUS – The project has an issued planning permit and all documents are ready for submission for a build permit. It is awaiting for new Tenant(s)

  • Private / public Parking (95 spaces total )
  • 3000 sq. meters above ground
  • 3000 sq. meters below ground
  • Raised Floor / False Ceiling for Services & cabling
  • Superstructure rests on Isolators for earthquake protection
  •  Climate Responsive Building Envelop
  • Photovoiltaic System
  • Smart Lighting
  • Designed for Easy Maintenace
  • Fire Prevention and Supressions Systems
  • State of the art Climate system
  • Energy Saving Systems
  • Passive cooling/heating system
  • Unique Design
Topographic Map

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